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How to treat high blood pressure with combination drugs

People who have been diagnosed with high blood pressure need to keep their pressure level under control. They also need to adapt to the changing lifestyle and should practice new dietary rules as advised by their doctor. If one medication isn’t able to lower your blood pressure, then your doctor will try to change the medicine with other substitutes or may even try a combination treatment type to get your pressure under control.

Blood pressure can be controlled faster with the help of combination of drugs given by your doctor than with a single medicine. A number of drugs are used for combination along with the blood pressure pills to enable people to find relief from high blood pressure. By employing a combination of drugs in your treatment, your blood pressure is slowly brought under control therein reducing the chances of heart diseases.

Combination treatment for high blood pressure is initiated by giving a class of blood pressure medication along with the previous drug given for treating blood pressure of the patient. This combination treatment helps to increase the effectiveness of the first drug thereby gradually lowering severe blood pressure. To trace out the best effective drug that could be suitable for the person might take a few tries. Every person responds differently even though they take the medication. For some, a single drug might work. For others a combination of drugs is required to maintain regular blood pressure and slowly improve their condition.

Sometimes, a single drug might not help people who used to consume it for so long. When the doctor learns that the patient’s blood pressure is not being brought under control with one drug, he/ she might increase the dosage strength of the pill or might prescribe an addition pill. If the pressure doesn’t seem to appear normal, then it requires the intervention of combination treatment. Here, the doctor might try to use a few drugs along with the existing drug and try to monitor the patient closely to understand how the combination treatment works for the patient. Combination medication works according to an individual’s body condition.

Few person’s body condition might require combination treatment for treating hypertension in the initial stage itself. Combination treatment is considered to be very beneficial for an individual. The number of visits to the doctor gradually comes down with the effective high blood pressure treatment provided by combination drugs.

Identifying your body’s response to the combination treatment

Your blood pressure should be monitored regularly to keep track of the drug’s performance. The pressure is usually taken on a weekly basis and when the pressure becomes normal, the pressure measurement can be done once in a week or rather less frequently. Your physician will advise you accordingly and will let you know how to go ahead with the procedure.

A good idea is to take up the blood pressure test daily at home so that you can understand the range of your blood pressure and how stable it is throughout the day. A consultation to the doctor from time to time is highly recommended for people who have hypertension.

Combination Treatment – Course Duration

Your blood pressure will consistently be monitored by your physician. For at least a year, your doctor might ask you to continue the combination treatment. If your blood pressure achieves good results reporting normal pressure range most of the time, then your consultant might decide to reduce your medication. Regular medication will help the person to treat his hypertension. Even if the pressure level seems to appear normal, hypertension patients are requested not to discontinue their blood pressure medication without consulting their physician. This is because a sudden withdrawal from the medicine could increase your pressure levels and can also cause serious health complications. People are recommended to keep a regular supply of their blood pressure medicines so as to not run out of stock any time.

How to treat high blood pressure with powerful foods

Blood pressure is the force exerted by blood against the arteries. Our blood pressure raises and falls throughout the day. When blood pressure is increased and doesn’t seem to turn normal, it is referred to as high blood pressure. Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. High blood pressure is dangerous as it makes the heart to pump blood in increased pressure and widens the arteries. Hypertension or high blood pressure results in number of damages to the body like stroke, heart diseases, kidney ailments and many other bodily disorders.


Blood pressure level of 140/90mm Hg or more is considered to be high blood pressure. If the pressure ranges from 120/80 mmHg and 139/89 mm Hg, then the person is supposed to suffer from prehypertension. People who have prehypertension may have the chances of getting high blood pressure in future if they don’t stick to a healthy lifestyle and rich diet from the time they are being diagnosed.


Physicians will prescribe suitable medications for people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure. Taking the pills properly and inculcating a new lifestyle that has the potential of decreasing your hypertension will work great.


For people who struggle to find an ideal diet pattern that is required to maintain normal pressure, this article will be of great help. The diet options mentioned below are insisted by major diet specialists who have years of experience in dealing patients with high blood pressure.


Looking for high blood pressure treatment? The following food choices might help you:

Dairy Products

Research has seen that there exists a link between the intake of diary and dairy products and high blood pressure. Consuming low-fat yoghurt and milk but no cheese helps an individual in keeping his blood pressure normal and thereby the person can have a healthier lifestyle.


Taking flaxseeds in the diet for about six months will be of great help in controlling both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. With the essential compounds in the flax seeds such as peptides, fiber, alpha linolenic acid and lignans, studies have estimated that blood pressure is able to be brought under control efficiently by including flax seeds in your daily diet.

Olive Oil

A detailed study published by the journal of hypertension showed excellent results on how olive oil lowers the blood pressure especially in women. The poly-phenol rich olive oil when gets linked with systolic and diastolic blood pressure, the person begins to feel free from stress and so normal blood pressure is observed.


The consumption of beet juice in healthy men and women displayed wonderful results in maintaining stable blood pressure levels. The natural nitrates found in the beets ease blood pressure efficiently.


Having even a small serving of pistachios regularly, enabled people notice normal flow in their blood pressure levels. Lower servings of pistachio nuts worked better in reducing systolic blood pressure.


People who consume pomegranate in their daily diet are considered to be very healthy and stress-free. The potassium and polyphenols found in the pomegranate seeds or juice will help to lower the high blood pressure. Having one full glass of pomegranate juice will be ideal to keep the high blood pressure under control.

Whole grains

Eating whole grains is considered to be very healthy for all age groups. Taking three servings of refined whole grains or oats in the daily diet shows a strong link in the reduction of systolic blood pressure. With heavy work pressure every day, people are recommended to consume whole grains and whole wheat products that help in tackling high blood pressure with ease.


People with mild hypertension and pre-hypertension, showed improving results, when they consumed three cups of hibiscus tea everyday for about six weeks. Hibiscus tea has rich source of antioxidants that includes phenols and anthocyanins. Drinking hibiscus tea regularly can lower high blood pressure and systolic blood pressure within a short period.

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