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What is Kamagra? How it treats sexual problems in men?

Kamagra is nothing but the Indian version of Viagra, which is a newcomer to the field of potency drug. It doesn’t hold up any difference from its competitors other than price but in turn, that is a major factor for its success. Kamagra is also using the active compound sildenafil citrate as in Viagra. Kamagra is used in improving male potency, treating erectile dysfunction, prevent premature ejaculation etc.

As the patent of the drug that is invented by the drug company expires it allows other drug manufacturers to invent a drug similar to the original drug. Kamagra is such pill that is now entered into the medical world. The Kamagra drugs work very effectively in men who are suffering from ED, and hence, there are various customers around the world trying to buy Kamagra online from authentic online pharmacies to treat their sexual problem. While buying this ED drug from online sites, people have to make sure that the sites are reputed online Canadian sites which sells genuine pills to the customers.

How Kamagra works?

Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient in the drug which diffuses into the blood and travels throughout the body. Its chemical structure makes it more affinitive towards a compound called as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). It is an enzyme that binds with the compound called cGMP which is very important for a successful erection. When PDE5 binds with cGMP it leads to degradation of the cGMP complex resulting in an erectile dysfunction. This, in turn, suppresses the sexual urge a male experience.

Sildenafil citrate binds to PDE5 and inhibits its degradation action, thereby allowing free cGMP molecules to work as they are supposed to be. As a result, the cGMP smoothens the muscles around penis which result in an excessive flush of blood towards penis resulting in an erection. Though buying Kamagra jelly from reputed Canadian pharmacies is a very effective drug in treating erectile dysfunction in a man, it is very important for the person to be sexually aroused every time he takes this medication. Libido is the spark which makes the Kamagra pill to work properly.

Is Kamagra safe for usage?

Kamagra is a safe medication that can be used by you to treat erectile dysfunction. If you experience erectile dysfunction, you have to first consult with the health care professional about it. They would prescribe Kamagra medication for you. Taking this Kamagra drug under doctor supervision would help you to avoid any issues. Kamagra should be consumed under the consultation of doctor if you have high-blood pressure. For you to take Kamagra safely, you have to take the dosage strength that is prescribed by the doctor. There is a major reason behind this; the dosage strength would not be same to everyone. So, you should not take Kamagra dose as you wish. The health care professional would analyze your severity of erectile dysfunction, age as well as tolerance before picking a right dose for you. Continuing the dose that is instructed to you would help you to get an erection in a safe way. Avoiding grapefruit juice and alcohol whilst using Kamagra would also help you to avoid ill effects. You have to remember that taking Kamagra by a man would treat erectile dysfunction in a very effective way compared to other ED medications though it is not a cure.

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